Wolf Point Herald

School Board Sends Two Levies To Wolf Point District Voters

HN.4.17.14.WP.LEVY 5971The Wolf Point School board voted unanimously Tuesday, April 8, to place two proposed tax levies on the May 5 ballot.
School district trustees and administrators said both levies are necessary.
A $200,000 continuous elementary general fund levy could be used to fund the preschool program. The district needs nearly $200,000 annually to retain the program. The preschool program is at risk of cuts if voters don’t approve the levy.
“Losing our preschool would be a huge blow to our community, to our kids,” board chairman Martin DeWitt said.
A one-year $250,000 levy would increase the building reserve and could fund a new gym floor and pave the high school parking lot.
DeWitt said there is a tremendous need for the parking lot because of safety reasons among large potholes and ice.
Superintendent Joe Paine said floor boards in the gym are sagging and potholes in the parking lot create safety concerns.
“If people vote it down, we’re not going to have either,” Janice Wemmer-Kegley said of the use of the gym and the preschool program.
She said basketball tournaments held in the gym are a huge benefit to the community.
Board member Ed Bach said cost figures need to be sent to property owners.
The cost to owners of homes with taxable market values of $100,000 would be $46.28 per year or $3.86 per month for the building reserve levy and $69.55 per year or $5.80 per month for the elementary general fund levy. If voters approve both levies, the cost to homeowners with assessed values of $100,000 would be $115.83 annually or $9.66 per month.